Construction materials Canada [Canadian Construction]

Construction materials Canada

1Date: August 20-22, 2014
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Dimension: 80, 000
Organizers: Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association
Official web:

Simple, safe, innovative, leading the new trend of green building
China is in the industrialization, urbanization and the rapid development of new rural construction period of history.2 To further promote building energy efficiency, accelerate the development of green building ushered in a rare historical opportunity, simple, safe and green building market has gradually become the main theme. To promote building energy, land, water, materials, environment-friendly building materials enterprises in the market for the purpose of use in order to build sales, display, brand and technology promotion as a means for companies to create huge opportunities in the China (Shanghai) Building Energy and new building materials exhibition, has been to create a “green building materials first exhibition in Asia.” Exhibition development for nearly ten years, well versed in green building is not energy efficient building technologies superposition should be systematic application of innovative energy-saving building materials. Green Construction Fair advocate green culture, primitive low-carbon, in pursuit of a simple, harmonious architecture and living concept.

3The show enhances in 2014, it sets the areas of building energy efficiency and new building materials, indoor heating systems and new energy equipment, wooden green house, integrated housing and light steel structure, energy saving windows and doors and architectural shade, structure, building materials and construction parts pieces, roof and vertical greening villa facilities, outdoor home, sauna and swimming pool, building electrical, building materials production and processing machinery and equipment area, will reach seven museum, 80, 000 square meters, 80, 000 professional visitors, dozens of theme forums and seminars, closely integrated green energy building development, occupying leading positions forefront of the number of excellent building materials business and technology to the market, to overseas, together to create safe, energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, green building comfortable.

The last expo attracted companies of ten countries and areas. Such as China, USA, French, German, England, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan and so on. According to statistics there were 827 companies joining this show. Among them, there are 710 domestic exhibitors and 117 foreign exhibitors.More than 63223 professional visitors come to our exhibition, 8% of them are from foreign countries.

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